Oklahoma Legislative Overview – 2022 Session


(Adjourned May 27, 2022)

22 pet industry-related issues were proposed during the 2021-22 legislative session, 10 of which were designated as priority by the Pet Advocacy Network.

Final Disposition of Priority ISSUES:

HB 1581Statewide Retail Pet Sale Ban: Amends Title 4 (Animals) of Oklahoma Statutes by creating a new Section 33 to restrict the sale or display of dogs and cats by pet stores.  DIED IN COMMITTEE
HB 1678Service Animal Regulation: A new section of law, not to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes, shall be known and may be cited as the “Service Animals Reform Act of 2021”.  DIED IN COMMITTEE
HB 2688/SB 547Commercial Pet Breeder Annual Report Filings: Amends Title 4 (Animals), Chapter 1A (Commercial Pet Breeders Act of 2012) of OK Statutes Annotated by repealing Section 11 (Annual Report Filings).  DIED IN COMMITTEE
SB 1223Misuse of a Service Animal Penalties: Amends Title 4 (Animals), Section 801 (Public accommodations – Policy to prohibit animals – Service animal exception) of Oklahoma Statutes to create a misdemeanor offense for the improper use of a service animal.  DIED IN COMMITTEE
SB 1439Statewide Animal Abuse Registry: Amends Title 21 (Crimes & Punishments) of Oklahoma Statutes by adding a new Section 1680.5 to require the establishment of a publicly accessible list of certain persons convicted of certain animal cruelty offenses.  DIED IN COMMITTEE
SB 1657Powers of State Legislature (Wildlife/Domesticated Animals): Amends Title 29 (Game & Fish), Sections 2-108.1 (Domesticated Animal), 2-109 (Endangered), 2-135 (Threatened) and 7-204 (Ownership of Wildlife) of Oklahoma Statutes to modify certain definitions and to clarify certain powers of the Legislature.  DIED ON SENATE CALENDAR
ORD 2021001Local Retail Pet Sale Ban: Ordinance amends Chapter 8 (Animals & Fowl) of Midwest City, OK Municipal Code by adding a new Article XI (Commercial Animal Establishments) to restrict the retail sale of dogs and cats in city pet shops.  ADOPTED
REG 2020-001Animal Importation Health Requirements Rulemaking: Amends Title 35 (Dept. of Agriculture, Food & Forestry), Chapter 15 (Animal Industry), Subchapter 11 (Importation of Animals) of OK Administrative Code by: 1) Adding a new Section 2 (Importation of Domestic Companion Animals); and 2) Amending Section 31 (Importation of Foreign Animals)  to further provide health requirements for the importation of companion animals into Oklahoma.  ADOPTED
REG 2021-001Restricted Aquatic Species List: Proposed rulemaking amends Title 800 (Dept. of Wildlife Conservation), Chapter 20 (Restrictions on Aquatic Species Introduction), Subchapter 1 (Restricted Exotic Fish), Section 2 (List of Restricted Exotic Species) of Oklahoma Administrative Code to provide for the inclusion of the marbled crayfish on the Department’s list of restricted aquatic species which is used to limit the spread of invasive and potentially harmful aquatic species.  ADOPTED

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