Oregon Legislative Overview – 2022 Session


(Adjourned on March 4, 2022)

2 pet industry-related issues were proposed during the 2022 legislative session, both of which were designated as priority by the Pet Advocacy Network.

Final Disposition of Priority ISSUE:

HB 4128Zoonotic Disease/Species Restrictions: An Act directing: 1) The Legislative Policy and Research Office to prepare report concerning Oregon’s current framework for preventing, monitoring and responding to zoonotic disease; and 2) The State Fish & Wildlife Commission to review and update the list of prohibited species that may not be imported, possessed, sold, purchased, exchanged or transported in this state due to certain risks to public health.  ENACTED
REG 2021-001Moss Ball/Zebra Mussel Importation Prohibition: OR Department of Agriculture rulemaking amends Chapter 603 (Dept. of Agriculture) Division 15 (Pest and Disease Control) of OR Administrative Rules by adding a new Section 603-052-1391 to prohibit the import of Moss balls (Aegagropila linnaei) into Oregon unless the plants have been inspected and a Certificate of Quarantine Compliance (CQC) has been issued by the appropriate regulatory official in the place of origin.  ADOPTED

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