We are the policy voice of the responsible pet care community, advocating for pet care priorities at the local, state, federal and international levels.

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Policy Priorities


Pet Health & Availability

Ensuring pet lovers have access to healthy, well-treated pets and the products & services needed to care for them.

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Pet Ownership Barriers

Challenging barriers that prevent pet owners, businesses, and hobbyists from the joys and rights of pet ownership.

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Environmental Stewardship

Using educational outreach and policy to bring science-based best practices to the pet care community.

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Human-Animal Bond

Making sure everyone can experience the wide-ranging benefits of the human-animal bond.

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The Latest News

  • New.

    2023 Legislative Recap and 2024 Preview Webinar

    During this session, our Government Affairs staff will provide a comprehensive review of 2023 legislative and regulatory highlights as well as a look ahead at potential legislation/regulation we could see in 2024. By understanding where things stand as we close out the year and what potentially lies ahead, you will be better prepared to join… Learn More

  • Press Release.

    Pet Advocacy Network Statement in Response to Pet Sale Ban Article

    Statement from Pet Advocacy Network President & CEO Mike Bober: “Thursday’s article is simply another agenda-driven piece meant to mislead readers and promote a misguided, unnecessary sales ban. It advances a deliberately false narrative about pet shops in New Jersey, omits key facts, and fails to adequately explain the extensive state and federal regulatory… Learn More

  • Navigating Aquarium Trade Regulations: Bob Likins on The Aquarium Guys Podcast

    Bob Likins, our EVP, discussed the impact of regulations on the aquarium trade in a recent interview on the Aquarium Guys podcast. He offered valuable advice on dealing with regulatory challenges and invasive species. Listen to the podcast to learn about making a difference and staying informed on aquarium-related regulations. Listen here. Learn More

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