Who We Serve

The Pet Advocacy Network works to protect and advance the interests of the responsible pet care community; a diverse ecosystem of pet-centric businesses who contend with federal, state, and local laws and regulations everyday.

Serving the Pet Care Community

Retailers and Groomers

What We Do:

  • Take action on potentially harmful legislation and regulations
  • Fight restrictions on responsibly-sourced animals
  • Advocate for equal and fair animal care standards
  • Promote the benefits of pet ownership

Pet Owners & Hobbyists

What We Do:

Companion Animal Suppliers

What We Do:

  • Bring expert, balanced opinions to the development of pet regulations
  • Engage with lawmakers on proposed retail pet sale restrictions
  • Advocate for uniform standards of animal care
  • Promote the physical and emotional benefits of the human-animal bond

Food & Product Distributors

What We Do:

  • Work to prevent onerous and unnecessary laws & regulations
  • Track and engage with trade officials on tariffs and import restrictions
  • Represent the pet care community on product safety issues
  • Promote pet ownership and the human-animal bond

Product Manufacturers
& Reps

What We Do:

  • Fight unreasonable special taxes on pet-related products & services
  • Combat limitations put on products such as the use of certain materials
  • Work with lawmakers to advance pet care community priorities
  • Promote the overwhelmingly positive effects of pet ownership

It Takes a Community

Support pet care, join the Pet Advocacy Network.

We depend on the support of the responsible pet care community to ensure that pet lovers have opportunities to enjoy the companionship of healthy pets, and that the priorities of pet care businesses are protected now and in the future.

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