Policy Priority

Environmental Stewardship

Responsible pet ownership and protecting the environment go hand in hand. We work to protect the pets we love, along with the natural environment for all animals, through advocacy and educational outreach.

We advocate for reasonable and science-based regulation and oversight that mitigates the negative impact of diseases and invasive species on pets, people, and the environment, without unnecessarily restricting the public’s ability to enjoy the companionship of a variety of animals. By educating lawmakers, prospective owners and pet caretakers on the health, habits, care and keeping of companion animals we aim to advance pet well-being and wise choices in lawmaking, pet ownership and pet care.

what we work on

Import Bans

The pandemic has brought heightened attention worldwide to zoonotic diseases. Recent legislation seeks to address the spread of zoonotic disease through tightening import regulations. Groups opposed to all forms of live animal trade are attempting to advance their long-standing calls for a blanket prohibition on animal imports, even on legal trade in species commonly kept as pets. We are working to advance the more reasonable Preventing Future Pandemics Act of 2021, which instead focuses efforts and resources on the study, detection, and mitigation of zoonotic threats nationally and internationally.

Species Restrictions

Misguided proposed legislation can often overreach, unnecessarily extending to an outright ban on an entire species. We work to ensure that legislation and regulations are science-based and do not needlessly impede the responsible trade or ownership of species commonly kept as pets.

Endangered/Invasive Species

Protecting the environment, the economy and human health and safety by mitigating the impact of truly invasive species is of great importance. We do that through education, such as our Habitattitude campaign, as well as working to ensure bans and restrictions are supported by the best available science.

Action Issues

Always on watch.

The Pet Advocacy Network proactively identifies legislative and regulatory actions that could have unintended negative impacts on responsible pet keeping, and collaborates with government and non-governmental bodies to ensure sound science is used to craft reasonable rules that protect people, pets and the environment.


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