Chair: Chris Fleming, Co-Owner – Pinnacle Pet, Inc.


Bring together voices from all aspects of the canine care community – including breeders, retailers, veterinarians, and others responsible for bringing dogs into the world, connecting them with their ideal companions, and helping to care for them throughout their lives.


The Canine Subcommittee was convened in March 2021 to focus and amplify the expertise and experience of Pet Advocacy Network members and stakeholders to address the rapidly expanding array of dog care issues and opportunities.


Like all Pet Advocacy Network subcommittees, the Canine Subcommittee is charged with reviewing relevant legislative and regulatory proposals and providing recommendations to staff and the full government affairs committee.

Issues of interest so far have included breed-specific legislation, oversight and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, pet sale bans, and support for programs that connect veterans with therapy dogs.


Despite its status as the Pet Advocacy Network’s newest established subcommittee, the Canine Subcommittee has already reviewed existing Pet Advocacy Network materials on puppy care and zoonotic disease prevention. The subcommittee has also expressed interest in a range of new papers addressing best practices, breeding standards, and common misconceptions. Improving communications with a wide range of outside organizations is another priority of the subcommittee.

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