Keep pet care strong

Supporting pet ownership, animal health and well-being, and the continued strength of pet businesses is as easy as becoming a member. No organization has been on the frontlines of legislative and regulatory engagement in Washington and around the world longer than the Pet Advocacy Network. As a member-based organization, the future of our work depends on the support of pet businesses, hobbyists, and pet lovers like you.

Why Join the Pet Advocacy Network

Your voice to lawmakers

We utilize deep connections to lawmakers and regulators forged over 50 years working across all levels of government.

Your business watchdog

We monitor and engage on legislation or regulations that could negatively or positively affect our members.

Your say matters

Our policy, advocacy, and program decisions are made through our member-led committees and member-staffed board.

Start Your Membership

Select your role in the pet care community to start your membership registration.

  • Retailer/Groomer


    Pay Annually, Quarterly or Monthly

  • Companion Animal Supplier


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  • Distributor


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  • Manufacturer


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  • Manufacturer’s Representative


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  • Affiliate


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Member Benefits

First Look:

Members-only daily digest email sharing pet-related news (example)

Pet Health Alerts:

Know first when news breaks on important animal health issues

Shape Policy:

Help inform pet care policy and advocacy through committee participation

Event Invites:

Engagement opportunities with lawmakers like our annual D.C. Fly-In

Policy Toolkits:

Access educational resources and pet policy toolkits

Services on behalf of our members:

  • Lobbying & Government Affairs
  • Legislation & Media Monitoring
  • Public Relations
  • Educational Outreach

Membership FAQs

Who should become a member of the Pet Advocacy Network?

If you’re involved in the pet care community, you should support our work by becoming a member. That includes, but is not limited to, retailers, companion animal suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers’ representatives, pet hobbyists, and other trade organizations. Our advocacy on behalf of the responsible pet care community protects and advances the health and well-being of pets, opportunities for pet ownership, and the economic strength of businesses who supply animals, products and services to help Americans acquire and take care of their beloved companions.

Is membership in the Pet Advocacy Network tax-deductible?

Yes. 50% of your membership dues are tax deductible.

Can I share access to Pet Advocacy Network newsletters and member resources with my employees or colleagues?

Yes. As the primary member, your email will automatically receive all member communications, including the First Look daily pet news digest email. If you want your employees to also receive communications from Pet Advocacy Network, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll add them to your membership!

How do membership renewals work?

Pet Advocacy Network memberships are annual, and effective until the end of the month you joined. You will receive a renewal notice via email and mail 30 days before your membership expires. If you pay your dues via auto-payment, you will receive notice of the upcoming charge to your credit card.  

Who can I contact about membership or billing questions?

Contact a member of our staff by emailing [email protected], filling out our contact form, or calling 202-452-1525 to get help with any questions.