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April 2022 Pulse

Member Memo: Pet Advocacy Network’s annual membership renewals for 2022 are due! Invoices were mailed in December, if you need to request a copy, or would like to confirm your membership status, please contact us at [email protected]

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Featured Focuses

PIJAC Changes Name to Pet Advocacy Network

In case you missed it PIJAC is now the Pet Advocacy Network! Our name has changed but the meaningful work and positive impact we make on the pet care community remains the same. Along with this brand-new name comes a redesigned website and a new logo that reflect our growth as an organization since our incorporation 50 years ago and more accurately express how we champion pets, pet owners and our community that cares for and brings the two together.  

The new name and logo are the result of a yearlong, comprehensive research and evaluation project. We collected input from members like you and stakeholders in the pet care community, as well as website and social media analysis and market statistics. An important reason for the change was to update our brand to be more relevant and help us be more effective in our work with government officials. Every part of our new logo and name was carefully considered and has meaning. 


COMPETES Act Contains Threat to Pets 

While there are positive parts to H.R.4521 that are fully supported by the responsible pet care community, including pieces aimed at ocean shipping reform and preventing future pandemics, section 71102 of COMPETES contains provisions that would have a significant negative impact on thousands of pet businesses and millions of current and future pet owners. We have been directly advocating with lawmakers to remove this problematic section as well as activating the responsible pet care community to reach out to elected officials.  


Resource Round Up: New Website Debut

Along with our new name, Pet Advocacy Network has a new user-friendly and modern website,, that enables visitors to easily learn about our advocacy work, as well as to find and utilize our expert-backed resources like animal care guides and retailer best management practices. We also made online transactions much easier by offering streamlined processes for member registrations and donations. Explore the new site today! 


Memorable Mention #1: 50th Anniversary Party at Global Pet Expo

We hosted our 50th Anniversary Celebration on March 22 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, and it was there that we officially unveiled our new name. This celebration would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors.

Thank you to Platinum Sponsors American Pet Products Association, World Pet Association, Pinnacle Pet, Pinogy Corp., Reptiles by Mack, Segrest, SunPet and Fish-Mart; and to Gold Sponsors Apet, Coastal Pet Products, ECO Orders, Hikari USA, Indiana Council for Animal Welfare, Most Valuable Pets, North American Reptile Breeders Conference, National Animal Interest Alliance, Pet Industry Distributors Association, Pet Partners, Quality Marine, The Family Puppy, Third Party Pet International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, Vitakraft Sunseed and ZooMed, as well as to many others who were sponsors of our 50th anniversary.

We appreciate and are proud to share the many tribute messages we received from pet care community leaders from around the world. 


Memorable Mention #2: 2022 Annual Awards

During the anniversary celebration, we also recognized dedicated individuals who have been instrumental to our success over the past five decades, including Marshall Meyers who served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for over three decades, and many Directors who have served on the Board over the years.

The final highlight of the night was presenting our annual awards to seven dedicated members of the pet care community. Each of these award honorees exemplifies dedication to pet welfare and perseverance in developing the responsible pet care community. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such motivated activists who share a common passion for pets. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Orlando to celebrate, and we hope to see you in August in beautiful Las Vegas for SuperZoo.