Indiana Overview – 2024 Session



Legislative Overview – 2024 Session

(Adjourned on March 8, 2024)

5 pet related items were proposed during the 2024 legislative session, 3 of which were designated as priority by the Pet Advocacy Network.

Final Disposition of Priority ISSUES:

HB 1226Landlord Pet Policies/Cat Declawing:
Amends Title 32 (Property), Article 31 (Landlord-Tenant Relations), Chapter 5 (Rental Agreements; Right of Access) of Indiana Code by creating a new section to provided that a rental agreement may not require a tenant to declaw a cat as a condition of the rental agreement.  
HB 1412Animal Facility Registration & Standards/Consumer Warranty Law/State Preemption over Pet Store Regulations:Amends Title 15 (Agriculture & Animals), Article 17 (Animal Health & Animal Products), Article 21 (Commercial Dog Breeder Regulation), Title 24 (Trade Regulation) and Title 35 (Criminal Law and Procedure) to: (1) Require retail pet stores, animal care facilities, and animal rescue operations to register with the Board of Animal Health; (2) Establish mandatory disclosures and consumer warranties for a retail pet store selling dogs; (3) Establish a random inspection program for commercial dog breeders, commercial dog brokers, and retail pet stores beginning July 1, 2025; and (4) Void local ordinances prohibiting the sale of dogs at retail pet stores.  ENACTED
SB 104Veterinarians – Criminal History Disclosure Requirement:
Amends Title 25 (Professions & Occupations), Article 1 (General Provisions), Article 38.1 (Veterinarians) of Indiana Code to require the State Police Department to disclose to the Board of Veterinary Medicine the criminal history or activity of veterinary license or certificate holders or applicants.  

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