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    USDA Announces Requirement for Contingency Plans to Protect Animals During Emergencies

    We are sharing information about a change to Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations that may impact your business operations as they relate to caring for animals during emergencies. The revisions will better ensure that entities responsible for animals regulated under the Animal Welfare Act are prepared to safeguard the health and welfare of such animals in the event of possible emergencies or… Learn More

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    PIJAC Information On Off-Label Usage Of Chloroquine Phosphate & COVID-19

    As you may be aware, an individual recently died after using a fish product to self-medicate for prevention of COVID-19: PIJAC staff have worked with our experts to put together information for the industry regarding Chloroquine Phosphate. Additionally, PIJAC’s media statement can be found on our website here. Chloroquine Phosphate: Information for Industry Some fish medications… Learn More

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    Important Information on COVID-19 and Pets

    The health and well-being of everyone in the responsible pet care community, and the animals we care for, is of the utmost importance to us here at PIJAC. We continue to closely monitor the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We at PIJAC are following all guidance being provided by public health experts at the World… Learn More

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