FWC Disorder Results in Needless Killing of Pet Snakes in Florida, Says Pet Advocacy Network



Statement from Pet Advocacy Network President and CEO Mike Bober:

“The senseless killing on April 6 of nearly three dozen snakes at a reptile facility in Sunrise was tragic, and we extend our deepest sympathy to the animals’ owners. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers killed 34 pythons that the owner was led to believe by FWC officers were grandfathered in and thus exempt from the prohibition, as well as a pet boa constrictor that they misidentified as a python. They also acted in complete contradiction to repeated public assurances by FWC Chairman Barreto that current owners of now-prohibited species can keep them ‘until their death,’ and that ‘no one from the state is going to come take them away from you.’

This disastrous event demonstrates that FWC’s intent to significantly expand species prohibitions in the state would be catastrophic for Florida pet owners and hobbyists when their own officers already fail to act in compliance with the rules and cannot accurately identify prohibited species. We stand with Florida’s responsible reptile owners and keepers in opposition to the unwarranted efforts by FWC to grossly expand the number of species prohibited from trade in the state of Florida.”


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