Pet Advocacy Network Applauds Passage and Signing of VAHB 299, Eliminating Fees on Service Dogs



Richmond, Va. – April 1, 2024 – The Pet Advocacy Network applauds the quick passage and recent signing of VA HB 299, sponsored by Delegate Jason Ballard, which gives localities the ability to eliminate licensing fees on service dogs who served in police law enforcement or a military capacity.

“This legislation is a big win for our heroic service dogs and their owners. These dogs perform vital services every day in Virginia and across the globe and deserve to find homes, and enjoy their retirement without additional burdensome fees.” Pet Advocacy President and CEO Mike Bober said about the bill’s passage. “I applaud the sponsor, Delegate Ballard, the legislature, and Governor Youngkin for taking this up and hope that this important piece of legislation can now be used as a model for other states to follow.”

Delegate Ballard noted “I am pleased to see the unanimous support HB 299 has received on the floors of both the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia.  The commonsense local option for animal license tax relief that this legislation provides to localities is a simple way for them to say, ‘thank you’ to the men, women, and K9’s who serve our communities in law enforcement and the military.”

With this act’s signing into law, counties and cities can now act to allow these service dogs to be kept without licensing fees. “We thank Governor Youngkin for taking action and signing VA HB 299 into law.” Mr. Bober continued. “Our service dogs do so much and eliminating these fees is a great step to showing our gratitude to the dogs and their owners.”

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