Pet Advocacy Network Cheers Florida’s CS/HB7073, Enabling Tax Holidays for Pet Evacuation Supplies



Tallahassee, Fla. – May 7, 2024 – The Pet Advocacy Network celebrates the passage and signing of CS/HB7073 in Florida, this bill, which amends Florida’s current tax law by creating two tax holidays for disaster preparedness pet supplies, stands as an important measure in safeguarding the welfare of pets during emergencies.

“We want to commend Governor DeSantis for signing this important bill and the Florida Legislature for their unwavering commitment to protecting pets during natural disasters,” expressed Mike Bober, President, and CEO of Pet Advocacy Network (PAN). “CS/HB7073’s provision for two tax holidays for essential disaster preparedness supplies for pets underscores a profound understanding of the importance of pet safety and preparedness during crises. We applaud their commitment to our companion animals.”

Alyssa Miller-Hurley, Vice President of Government Affairs at PAN, emphasized, “The comprehensive scope of pet supplies included in the tax holidays established by this legislation demonstrates Florida’s dedication to pet welfare. By ensuring uninterrupted access to vital supplies, Florida is setting an example for other states to follow.

CS/HB7073 stands as a testament to Florida’s commitment to pet welfare and understanding of the important role that pets play in our lives by helping Florida’s over 4 million pet owners address a crucial aspect of disaster preparedness. The bill’s expansive coverage reflects a thorough understanding of the needs of pet owners during emergencies.

“We commend Governor DeSantis for his decisive action in signing CS/HB7073 into law,” added Mr. Bober. “This significant step not only alleviates financial burdens faced by many pet owners in times of emergency but also underscores Florida’s commitment to the responsible pet care community and sets a standard for other states to follow.”

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