Pet Advocacy Network President & CEO Mike Bober Statement on New York Assembly Passage of Pet Sales Ban Bill  



“On behalf of the responsible pet care community we urge Governor Hochul to veto S.1130/A.4283, a misguided bill that will do nothing to stop the bad breeders it purports to target but will only harm regulated and inspected New York pet stores, the licensed breeders they work with, and the customers who depend on them for healthy puppies, kittens, and rabbits to bring home as beloved pets. There are over 80 pet stores in New York that will almost certainly be forced to close their doors, causing significant negative impacts on the local economy and community. Those small businesses will have to lay off their loyal employees, break leases, cease paying municipal taxes, and local families will lose a trusted source for pets where they have the peace of mind of legal safeguards including pet warranties. If S.1130/A.4283 is signed into law pet fraud will grow, as families who can’t adopt from a shelter or rescue because they want a specific breed or need one for common reasons like allergies, small children in the home, or space concerns will no longer have regulated pet stores as an option. We all want to stop bad breeders who mistreat and neglect animals, but enacting this law will only put the health and well-being of more animals and the families who bring them home at risk. When California passed a pet sales ban a few years ago, veterinarians quickly saw an uptick in families buying sick puppies from unregulated sources—New York should learn from this and instead focus legislation on setting and enforcing appropriate regulations overseeing breeders and the pet stores they work with.”


About Pet Advocacy Network 

The Pet Advocacy Network, formerly known as the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) connects the experience and expertise of the responsible pet care community to lawmakers and governing bodies, advocating for legislative and regulatory priorities at the local, state, federal and international levels. Since 1971, the organization has worked to promote animal well-being and responsible pet ownership, foster environmental stewardship, and ensure access to healthy pets, including small animals, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles and birds. Pet Advocacy Network members include retailers, companion animal suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers’ representatives, pet hobbyists, and other trade organizations. 

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