PIJAC Statement On Ny Bills A.6298/S.4234




Statement from Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council President and CEO Mike Bober on New York Bills A.6298/S.4234 Prohibiting the Sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits by Retail Pet Shops:

“Statewide sales bans such as NY A.6298/S.4234 are an unwise and unproven reaction to well-intended animal health and safety concerns. Sales bans fail to distinguish between those who breed responsibly and those who put profits before pet care, do nothing to shut down bad breeders across the country, and take away the only pet source that provides legal protections for both animals and consumers. Under current law, pet stores and licensed breeders are regulated, inspected and required to offer consumer warranties—protections that are not required of any other animal source including shelters and rescues.

Appropriate and humane care of companion animals is a national issue that deserves national attention—something we at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and the responsible pet care community nationwide, have been working towards for years. The most accountable way to ensure companion animal well-being is to focus resources on evaluating and strengthening national standards and vigorously enforcing them. We continue to urge the USDA to implement a detailed regulatory review of the Animal Welfare Act’s existing standards and regulations that is based on actual scientific research and demonstrated data.

What will put the bad actors out of business is imposing comprehensive animal care standards and applying them to sources including stores, licensed breeders, shelters and rescues—animal care is animal care, no matter where.”


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