Texas HB 870 & SB 1989 Will Not Protect Animals but Will Harm Small Businesses



Statement by Pet Advocacy Network President and CEO Mike Bober: 

“On behalf of the responsible pet care community in Texas and across the country, we call on Texas lawmakers to reject HB 870 and SB 1989, legislation that prohibits the sale of dogs and cats by pet stores. This legislation will do nothing to stop bad breeders across the country. What it will do is harm regulated and inspected Texas pet stores, the licensed breeders they work with, and the customers who depend on them for healthy puppies and kittens to bring home as beloved pets.  

Without well-regulated pet stores the health and well-being of more animals and the families who bring them home will be put at risk. Most Texas pet stores provide legal safeguards for both animals and consumers, and taking away these protections will only encourage growth of the unregulated black market that has zero oversight, where Texas families could fall victim to fraud. A similar ban went into effect in 2019 in California, and by 2021 the state had the highest number of puppy scams in the country.  

We urge Texas lawmakers to not mimic the flawed pet sales bans enacted in California and New York, but to instead preserve the Lone Star State’s independent leadership by advancing Representative Cain’s alternative bill HB 3563 that takes important steps to protect animals without needlessly harming law-abiding small businesses.”  


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