Open Letter on the sale of pets in pet stores

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Open Letter to Federal, State & Local Government Officials on the Sale of Pets in Pet Stores

Pets play an important role in people’s lives, a fact that became even more evident as millions of new pets were brought into American homes during the pandemic, helping our population cope with the stresses of an unprecedented global crisis. This is supported by the statistic that 70% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 90.5 million homes, according to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey.  

The responsible pet care community is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of companion animals – they are the heart of what we do every single day. We commend your dedication to protecting pets and pet owners alike through regulation and legislation. With this in mind, we urge you to consider the positive role pet stores play in connecting people with their ideal companion animals and helping to provide for their care. 

In addition to being a trusted resource that pet owners turn to for expert advice, products and services to appropriately care for their beloved companions, responsible community pet stores are a transparent and highly-regulated source for pets. They are inspected regularly, provide veterinary care to their animals, keep detailed records, and in many states provide legal protections such as warranties—delivering reassurance to prospective pet owners that is not available from most other commercial animal sources. When prospective pet purchasers can’t find the pet they are seeking, they often turn to the unregulated market where fraud and scams are rampant. The Better Business Bureau reports that pet scams more than doubled during the pandemic, with victims losing over $3 million in the past 12 months.1 

The greatest misconception about pet stores is that they source their animals from unscrupulous, illegal breeders and distributors. In reality, responsible pet stores connect their community with reputable sources of pets they might not otherwise be able to reach. As a result, bans on pet store sales do a great disservice to pet purchasers by nullifying existing consumer protections and by hurting the breeders and distributors who are following the rules and producing quality pets.  In effect, they take the most regulated sources of pets out of the market — the opposite of their intended effect of ensuring the verified conditions that healthy pets are born and raised in. 

Improving oversight and enforcement of existing regulations for those who breed, raise or import pets for commercial sale or resale in order to eliminate the bad actors that do not prioritize the animals’ health and well-being should be the focus of efforts to address animal care across the country – not targeting pet stores. 

With your help, we can ensure that more families are able to enjoy the demonstrated health benefits of the human-animal bond with a healthy pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, fish, turtle or any of the myriad of the other animals that provide wonderful companionship. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, we in the responsible pet care community stand ready to help you safeguard both human and animal health and well-being.


Mike Bober, CAE 
President & CEO, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council 

Andrew Darmohraj, CAE 
Executive Vice President & COO, American Pet Products Association 

Victor Mason 
President, World Pet Association 

Celeste M. Powers, CAE 
President, Pet Industry Distributors Association 

Patti Strand
President, National Animal Interest Alliance

Shelia Goffe
Vice President, Government Relations, American Kennel Club

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Bill Trufant, President, B & B Pet Stop, Inc. Mobile, AL
Caleb Gibson, Mr., Gibsons auto service, SUMMERDALE, AL
Keith Evans, VP/GM, Petland Montgomery, Montgomery, AL
Kris Roberts, Owner, Terror in a Box Exotics, Gadsden, AL
Scott Solat, Citizen pet owner, Pet Owner, Chino, AR
Alice Kenkman, The Cat lady, Responsible Pet owner, Winslow, AZ
Dan Walker, Human Resources, CPI, Phoenix, AZ
Deborah Schweikardt, Owner, Arizona bird store, Mesa, AZ
Elizabeth Bivens, Mrs, Bivens Homeschool, Phoenix, AZ
Frank Mineo, President, Puppies N Love, Phoenix, AZ
Gidget Wright, Ms., Retired, Mesa, AZ
James Badman, Owner, WildSide Pets, LLC, Mesa, AZ
Jason Mineo, Manager, CPI, Phoenix, AZ
Jennifer Sherry, Owner, Desert Pet, Tucson, AZ
Joe Whitener, Key Account, Manager, Zoo Med, Mesa, AZ
Justin Bagby, Owner, Bagby Reptiles, Phoenix, AZ
Michael Bivens, Mr, Bivens Homeschool, Phoenix, AZ
Raymond, Barber, Owner, CHI Solutions LLC, Phoenix, AZ
Shanna Taylor, Customer, Arizona Bird Store, Florence, AZ
Keith Evans, VP/GM, Petland Montgomery, Montgomery, AL
Anastasia Irvine, Assistant Merchant, Petco, Santee, CA
Andrew ER&D Hardware Div, Zoo Med Labs, San Luis Obispo, CA
Angie Simon, manager, Elliotts’s Pet Emporium, SAN BERNARDINO, CA
Ashley Bayles, Manager, Petco Health & Wellness, San Diego, CA
Ashley Rademacher, Animal Care and Education Director, Zoo Med Labs, San Luis Obispo, CA
Ashley Smith, Merchandise Manager, Petco, San Diego, CA
Breanna Rybinski, Mrs., MPI Exotics, Lincoln, CA
Beatriz Barajas, Manager, Paramount Reptiles, Paramount, CA
Becky Mellinger, Owner, Oaklands Tropical World, Oakland CA
Ben Wanyo, Mid Atlantic Sales Director, Zoo Med’s Laboratories, San Luis Obispo, CA
Brent Neil, Sr. Merchandise Manager, Petco, San Diego, CA
Bonnie Person, Owner, Verdant Vivariums, Fountain Valley, CA
Camilo Pineda, Owner, Awesome Party Rentals LLC, Fresno, CA
Carla Ng-Garrett, Western Territory, Sales Manager, Earthbath, San Francisco, CA
Carlos Lopez, Reptile handler, Paramount reptiles, Paramount, CA
Cheryl Nelson, Ms., Pet owner, Hemet, CA
Chris Buerner, President, Quality Marine, LOS ANGELES, CA
Chuck LeDonne, Retired, Pharmaceutical, Red Bluff, CA
Dan Wake, General Manager, DJ Animal Solutions, Arcata, CA
Daniel Hoffmann, owner, Hoffmann’s Reptiles, Concord, CA
David Dieter, Sr. Director, Zoo Med Labs, Pismo Beach, CA
David Northcott, Co-Owner, Unhinged Reptiles, Canyon Country, CA
Debra Bermudes-Dziewit, VP Dzi, San Diego, CA
Deven Gatica, reptile handler, Paramount Reptiles, Paramount, CA
Elan Miller, Owner Diamond Reptiles and supplies San Mateo, CA
Emily Cline, Pet owner, Self, South Pasadena, CA
Emma Matzko, Companion Animal Category Specialist, Petco, San Diego, CA
Eric Francek, Lead Account Manager, Quality Marine, Los Angeles, CA
Ernest Ortiz, South Gate, CA
Gary Bagnall, President/CEO, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
Geoff Mantonya, owner, Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders, Van Nuys, CA
Holly Cepeda, Owner, Paramount Reptiles, Paramount CA
Howard Labe, Owner, Pets and More, Campbell, CA
James Atkison, home fish breeder, Bakersfield, CA
Jennifer David, Director of Customer Service, Zoo Med, San Luis Obispo, CA
Jesse Tapia, CEO Paramount Reptiles, Paramount, CA
Jill Nakamura, Regional Sales Rep, 3M, Los Gatos, CA
Joe Alvarez, District Manager, LLL Reptile, Vista, CA
Joseph Romley, Owner, Kritters Pet Store, Hemet, CA
Josiah Miles, Retail Buyer, Petco, Ramona, CA
Judith Breton, Board Member,, Sacramento, CA
Kristin, Hamlin, Associate Merch Manager, Petco, SAN DIEGO, CA
Leihuanani Ballard, Pet owner of exotic fish reptiles, Hemet, CA
Lisa Conway, Special Projects, Petco, San Diego, CA
Loren Leigh, President, LLL Reptile and Supply Company, Inc, Vista, CA
Lori Vuckovich, Owner, Home, San Diego, CA
Lynn Lenise Delavar, owner, All About Animals, La Jolla, CA
Maggie Wang, Manager, International Pet & Supply Corporation, South El Monte, CA
Mark Lanza, Vice President, Labrador Franchises – PET DEPOT, La Verne, CA
Micaela Huerta Secretary, Coast Tropicals, Gardena, CA
Michael Scott, President, Coast Tropicals, GARDENA, CA
Mike Scott, President, Coast Tropicals, GARDENA, CA
Natalia Zarate, Sales Assistant, Zoo Med Labs, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA
Nicolas Berry, Mr., Petco, Oceanside, CA
Paul Schuldt, Owner, Tropics Aquarium Professionals, San Luis Obispo, CA
Ralph AFFAITATI, owner, Elliott’s Pet Emporium, San Bernardino, CA
Raymond Barron, National Sales Assistant, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Nipomo, CA
Randy Buck, VP BPD INC, Chino, CA
Rita Zarate, VP, ZOO MED LABS, San Luis Obispo, CA
Roman Versch, President, PET DEPOT FRANCHISES, La Verne, CA
Ronnie Robbins, Owner, Tails2scales pet shop, Lancaster, CA
Samantha West, Animal Care Specialist, Zoo Med Laboratories, San Luis Obispo, CA
Sandra Dodge Streich, Owner Redding Reptiles LLC, Redding, CA
Steve Duncan, Owner, Avian Resources, Fallbrook, CA
Steve Sykes, President, Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture, Roseville, CA
TARUNE DILLON, President, California Zoological Supply, Santa Ana, CA
Vickie King, Owner, The Reptile Den, LAKE ELSINORE, CA
Xavier Galindo, Owner, twin city seed & feed, Calexico, CA
Zayne Maeda, Senior Merchandise Manager, Petco, San Diego, CA
Aaron Blake, Dedicated Specialty Pet Store Owner, Animal Attraction, I Reef 2, Greeley, CO
Bruce Longwell, Owner, Fish Connection, Durango, CO
Jeffrey Hunt, Owner, JC Pets, CORTEZ, CO
Kristen Gupton-Williams, Owner, Highwind Exotics and Aquatics LLC, Parker, CO
Ronald McClure, owner , Beasties a pet store and more, Pueblo, CO
Shelly Anderson, Mrs., Myself, GRAND JCT, CO
Steven Lewis, Aquatic manager, Valley Pets, Fountain, CO
Trevor Page, Owner, Front Range Reptiles, Fort Collins, CO
Bob Greenwood, Salesperson, Fish Mart, West Haven, CT
Edmond Foucault, Corporate Secretary, All Pets Club, Wallingford, CT
Greg POPE, GM, Sun Pet LTD dba Fish Mart, West Haven, CT
Jerry Pleban, President, All Pets Club, Branford, CT
Joshua Peters, Marketing, The Puppy Palace, South Glastonbury, CT
Lou Soteriou, Owner, The Puppy Palace, South Glastonbury, CT
Peach Reid, President, Fish Mart, West Haven, CT
Sheila Soteriou, Owner, The Puppy Palace, Glastonbury, CT
Thomas Allison, Sales, Zoo Med Labs, Windsor, CT
Alejandro Estrada, Owner, Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, Ocoee, FL
Amber Niedrich, Owner, Bluewater Zoo, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Ben Hoofnagle, co-owner, Petland Orlando, East Orlando, FL
Brantley Griffin, Owner, Cold Blooded Sensations, Sarasota, FL
Brittney Smith, Co-owner, WWORP, Riverview, FL
Cameron Grandy, Manager, Pet Bazaar, Casselberry, FL
Carol Hoover, owner, Carol’s Critters, Tallahassee, FL
Cheyanna Ashley, Breeder Development Manager, PuppySpot, North Lauderdale, FL
David Quesenberry, Nuclear medicine technologist, Orlando health, Orlando, FL
Eddy Batten, Life, long Aquarium Hobbyist, Aquarium Hobbyist, Middleburg, FL
Eric Davies, VP, Petland Orlando South, Orlando, FL
Eric Russell, Southeast Sales Director, Zoo Med Labs Inc., Cape Coral, FL
Erik Davis, District Manager, Petland, Navarre, FL
Eugene Bessette, Owner, Reptile Industry, Archer, FL
Greg Baranek, president, happy hides reptile rescue, Venice, FL
Jamie Griffin, Co-owner, Cold Blooded Sensations, Sarasota, FL
Jean Chandler, VP, Leesburg Pet Products Inc., Leesburg, FL
Jim Deberry, President, Curator Cool Zoo, Orlando, FL
Joe Declet, Mr., Fins and Skins, Pinellas Park, FL
John Hill, Mr., Hill Valley Reptiles, Palm Bay, FL
Julie Filteau, Sales Associate, Segrest Farms, GIBSONTON, FL
Keryn Rod, President, Animal Welfare Strategies, BOCA RATON, FL
Kevin Jones, Sales representative, Segrest Farms, Ruskin, FL
Lauren Whigham, Business owner, Scaly charm reptiles, Umatilla, FL
Meaghan Clubb, Business Owner, Fatbunny LLC, Loxahatchee, FL
Missy Poznaniak, Sales Representative, Segrest Farms, Gibsonton, FL
Pat Campellone, Manager, Exotic Pets & More, Okeechobee, FL
Peggy Davis, Owner, Petland Pensacola, Pensacola, FL
Rachael Wells, Mx., Saint Petersburg, FL
Rob Miller, Owner, AquaZoo Extreme Pets, Orange Park, FL
Robert Schneider, Private, Gainesville, FL
Rose Campellone, Owner, Exotic Pets & More Inc, Okeechobee, FL
Samir Sutaria, Owner, Petland Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
Sandy Moore, President, Segrest Inc, Gibsonton, FL
Theodore Bell, President, Osceola Puppies, PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
Trevor Davies, Owner, Petland Orlando South, Orlando, FL
Alysia Mixon, Lpn and fish hobbyist, Addictive aquatics pet store, Blackshear, GA
Alisa Mobley, Fuel center, Kroger, Blackshear, GA
Angela Sweat, Pet lover/owner, Blackshear, GA
Candace Howel, Mrs., Addictive Aquatics Pet Store, Blackshear, GA
Caylie Hanchey, Pet owner, Blackshear, GA
Cheyanne Jenkins, Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GA
Chris Scruggs, Pet owner, Petland, Chatsworth, GA
Collette Griffin, Hobbyist, Hobbyist, Blackshear, GA
Coralee Thomas , Cashier, The lakes, Nahunta, GA
Corbett Nettles, Corbett Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GA
Deborah Cravey, Mrs., Sale of pets in stores, Waycross, GA
Diana Santana, Customer, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GA
Frank Michtak, Mr Furry awesome, Waycross, GA
George McDannald, Owner, Petland Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA
Greg Housley, Owner, Optimum Aquarium, Kennesaw, GA
Holly Stone, pet owner, Douglas, GA
Janet Runyon, Pet store, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GA
Jessica Runyon, Pet shop, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GA
Josh Dunnigan, Customer, Addictive aquatics, Alma, GA
Kirsten Thompson, Kirsten Aquatics, Waycross, GA
Kori James, Mrs. Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GA
Linton Gilliard, Mr., Addictive Aquatics Pet Store, Blackshear, GA
Lisa Holloman, Owner, Pets R us, Calhoun, GA
Matthew Sikes, Owner, Addictive Aquatics Pet Store LLC, Blackshear, GA
Monte Brokate, Franchisee/Owner, Petland of Rome, Rome, GA
Nichole Gonzalez, Small animal enthusiast, Addictive aquatics, Screven, GA
Noah James, Mr. Live Oak Homes, Waycross, GA
Sheila Humphrey, Aquarium owner, pet owner, international company employee, None, Lavonia, GA
Shelby Zenner, Great people, Pet shop, Waycross, GA
Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager, Segrest Inc., Atlanta, GA
Jared Peterson, Owner, Crane Canines, Wesley, IA
Jolyn Noethe, President,J.A.K.’S PUPPIES, INC., Britt, IA
Kimberly Dolphin, Owner, JAKS PUPPIES, INC, BRITT, IA
Nancy Magnusson, Ms, High Country Kennel, Lansing, IA
Ron Solsrud, President and Owner, Petland Iowa City, Iowa City, IA
Wendy Solsrud, Owner, Petland, Iowa City, IA
Kevan Birrell, Owner, BioTerra Exotics, Twin falls, ID
Ana Soskic, President, Furry Babies, Lombard, IL
Brian Lett, President, Third Party Pet, Naperville, IL
Carl Swanson, Owner, Petland Chicago Ridge, Batavia, IL
Eric Hardy, Owner, Hardy Aquatics, Chicago, IL
Gayland Bourland, Owner, Noah’s Ark Pet Shoppe, Effingham, IL
Ken Walker, Owner, Kens Exotics, Paxton, IL
Ryan Cozzo, Owner, Chief Reptile, Mount Prospect, IL
Ryan McVeigh, Chief Operating Officer, VivTech LLC, Wheeling, IL
Steven Pascazio, Hobbyist, IL aquatic keepers, Chicago, IL
Thomas Gannon, President, VastOcean Inc, Naperville, IL
Adri Fields, Manager, Petland Terre Haute, Mooresville, IN
Jennifer Ferency, Owner Petland Terre Haute, Terre Haute, IN
Julia Robertson, Worker, Cowan’s exotics, Butlerville, IN
Julie Saylor, Ms., Jaydens Jungle, Aurora, IN
Kevin Hardin, Owner, Kasper Aquatics, New Albany, IN
Kinzie Wilson, Owner, KLW Reptiles LLC, Hudson, IN
Morgan Miller, Manager, Petland Terre Haute, Terre Haute, IN
Payton Ferency, Student, ISU, Terre Haute, IN
Rich Lidstrom, Owner, Enriched Fish, Noblesville, IN
Terri Lewis, Owner, Lewis Property Solutions LLC, EDWARDSBURG, IN
Darcy Bowman, owner, That Critter Place, Great Bend, KS
Rebecca Hertel, Owner, TenSummers, LLC dba Petland, Andover, KS
Rick Chacon, Mr, RC pets, Overland Park, KS
Staci Williams, Owner, Petland Topeka, Topeka, KS
Greg Bearden, Owner, Petland, Lexington, KY
Michael Lykins, Business owner, Adventure Pets, Berea, KY
Nicholas Casey, General Manager, Sandy’s Pet Shop, Louisville, KY
Tonya Tucker, Hobbyist, none, Independence, KY
Dina Haines, Owner, Pets Paradise, Vidalia, LA
Gary Soileau, Owner, Blue Heaven Aquaria, Kenner, LA
John Fisher, Owner, J & F Aquatic & Exotic LLC, Terrytown, LA
RAYMOND LAMBRECHT, owner, Pet Zone, The Shreveport, LA
James Gentile, Retired, The pet shop, Everett, MA
Mellisa Raposo, Owner, Mellisa’s Pet Depot, NO. DARTMOUTH, MA
Steven Raposo, Owner, Mellisa’s Pet Depot, Fairhaven, MA
Kristy Gibson, concerned citizen, Yankee Dragons, Princeton, MD
Audrey Zaremba, Companion Animal Leader, Petco, Brooklyn, MD
Debra Cossentino, Owner, Charm City Puppies, ELLICOTT CITY, MD
Tony Clark, Urban Reptiles, BALTIMORE, MD
Wayne Cossentino, Owner, Cossentino & Sons Remodeling & Design, ELLICOTT CITY, MD
William Unger III, Owner, Scales-N-Tails, LLC, LaVale, MD
Pete Risano, VP Membership & Partnerships, World Pet Association, Portland, ME
Annette Milito, Plant Order fulfillment Technician, Josh’s Frogs, Corunna, MI
Anthony Stanley, Director of the Animal Department, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Ava Miller, Tree Frog Keeper, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Bill Backus, President, A&M Aquatics, Lansing, MI
Charles Templeton, National Sales Manager, Prevue Pet Products, Grant, MI
Diane Reszetar, Assistant Manager, Pet Station, Jackson, MI
Dustin Hatt, Pet Owner, Pet Station, Jackson, MI
Eric Wright, CTO, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Evan Klinkoski, Email & SMS Marketing Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Grant Rakowski, account manager, A&M Aquatics, Lansing, MI
Gage Dyer, Store Owner, Fins & Filters, LLC, Highland, MI
Greg Jones, Owner, Sunset Corals, Linden, MI
Greg Stingraybay, member, Stingraybay, Eastpionte, MI
Hazel Bunting, Owner, Stingers Exotics LLC, Livonia, MI
Heather Burke, Curator of Aquatics, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Jean McKim, Executive Director, Imagine Planet, Jackson, MI
Jewell Howard, Owner, Golden Serpent Exotics, New Baltimore, MI
John Marshall, Mr., Retired, ROCHESTER HILLS, MI
John Stasie, President, Nu Wave Aquariums, Dearborn heights, MI
John Stottele, Owner, The Family Puppy, Livonia, MI
Joshua Kingsley, Doctor, Orthopaedic Rehab specialist, Hillsdale, MI
Katherine Dyer, Owner, Family Pet Practice, Waterford, MI
Kelsey Carpenter, Sales associate, Pet station Jackson, Cement, MI
Kristen Spencer, Manager, Pet station, Jackson, MI
Maria Waxler, Mrs. Pet owner, Jackson, MI
Mark Smith, President, Frontier Distributing, Inc., Oxford, MI
Martha Cole, Pet owner , Galesburg, MI
Mary Payne, Jackson, MI
Michelle Bush, Owner & Pet Lover, Packy’s Pets, Houghton Lake, MI
Phil Schmidt, Mr., Josh’s Frogs, Durand, MI
Richard Britton, Amphibian Keeper, Josh’s Frogs, Ashley, MI
Sam Reef, Owner, Aquatic dream designs, Royal oak, MI
Sierra McWilliams, Admin Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Steve Funk, Owner, Funky Fish & Friends, Gaylord, MI
Teri Mogg, HR Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Tim Beaudrie, Owner, SCALZES & TAILZS LLC, Traverse City, MI
Tom Campbell, President, The Fish Doctors, Inc., Ypsilanti, MI
Tyler Koyne, Order Fulfillment Manager, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI
Zoe Clouse, Sales associate, Pet Station, Jackson, MI
Dakota Ponto, Owner, Zirbes feeders and fish supply, Brook Park, MN
Deborah Rowell, Owner, Country Pride Kennel, Pine River, MN
Joseph Ferriero, Owner, Twisted Plays, Morris, MN
Liam Finnegan, Owner/Breeder, LDR Reptiles LLC, Eden Prairie, MN
Rick Berndt, Owner, Pet Zone Inc, Bemidji, MN
Chris Fleming, CEO, Pinnacle Pet, Neosho, MO
Chris Heiskell, Breeder Relations Manager, Petland Inc., Joplin, MO
Doug Pasternack, Manager, Petland Blue Springs, Blue Springs, MO
Jacki Coffman, Mrs. Petco St Louis, MO
James Yalem, Mr., none, LAKE OZARK, MO
Jeffrey Hartmann, Treasurer, Pet Garden, Inc., Lake Saint Louis, MO
Kok Zhi Lee, Dr., Washington University in St Louis, Saint Louis, MO
Michael Heye, Owner and C.F.O., Critters Pet Shop, St Joseph, MO
Michele Miller, Office assistant, La Mesa, MO
Mike Cooper, owner, Mike’s Coral Farm Seymour, MO
Mike Nollau, member, ARRP Medicare Advantage UnitedHealthcare, Troy, MO
Misty Fleming, Partner, Pinnacle Pet, Neosho, MO
Jeff Picklesimer, Owner, Fintastic Aquariums of Wake Co, Cary, NC
Amy Grubb, Owner, Amy’s Pet Parade, Minot, ND
Rhonda Thomas, Owner , R&J’s World of Pets, Minot, ND
Vicki Mineo, Owner, Cpi Inc. Phoenix, NE
Jillian Weidman, Fish Hobbyist, Karlsdottir Gardens & Apothecary, Derry, NH
Mike Griffeth, Owner, woofmeow, Derry, NH
Thomas Sadowski, Owner of pet city, Pet City llc, Seabrook, NH
Jeffrey Morton, President, New Jersey Coalition of Responsible Pet Stores, Union, NJ
Jennifer Bujalski, Manager, Aquarium Roots, Green Brook, NJ
Mark Dougherty, Mr, Docs Fish, Pennsauken, NJ
PJ Lance, Mr, Value Pet Center, Pennsauken, NJ
Stephanie Earl, Owner, Furrylicious Puppy Boutique, Whitehouse Station, NJ
WILLIAM CHAPPELL, President, Bill’s Wonderland of Pets, Magnolia, NJ
Bob Ashley, Director, Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NM
Diane Baum, store owner, You Pet’Cha, Morris, MN
Michael Hresko, owner, house of tropicals, Glen Burnie, NM
John Lance, Owner, A&E Cage Co, Burlington, NJ
Marie Saciolo, Office Manager, Fish Fish Fish, Lyndhurst, NJ
Mark Dougherty, Mr, Docs Fish, Pennsauken, NJ
Stephanie Earl, Owner Furrylicious, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Thomas Gallo, Store Owner, PetCenter, Manalapan, NJ
David Sexton, President/CEO, Wildlife Safari, Roswell, NM
Gerald Welt, MR, WELTLAW, Henderson, NV
Kathleen Vinluan, Co-Owner, Puppy Boutique Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Ken Kirkpatrick, Las Vegas, NV
Matt Stafford, Wildlife curator, Tropicana hotel and casino, Las Vegas, NV
Paul Tomas, Co-Owner, Puppy Boutique Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Emilio Ortiz, Public affairs, Citipups, New York, NY
Gabriel R Cortorreal Jr, Mr, Bobby’s Exotic Pets, Bronx, NY
Jax Arnold, Store manager, Countrymax, Webster, NY
Jen Fillinger, President, Worldwide Puppies, Belmore, NY
Jim Seidewand, President, Pet World Inc, Rochester, NY
John Ip, President, Monster aquarium, Flushing, NY
Joy Dai, Ms, Cute pet store, NYC, NY
Lisa Elliott, Owner, Lisas Pet Place, Painted Post, NY
Melissa Keller, Brooklyn, NY
Peterson Almodovar, Sir., New York, NY
Rachael Grace, Employee, Countrymax, Webster, NY
Sam Furbeck, pet department manager, CountryMax, Webster, NY
Sarah Greenstein, Owner, The Left Paw, New Hyde Park, NY
Shelley Kemp, Owner, Petzotics, Verona, NY
Steve Roussis, President, Roussis Reptiles, Westbury, NY
Ted Bell, Owner , The Pet Zone, Amsterdam, NY
Thomas on Bargen, Manager, Petkraze NY LLC, Brewster, NY
Wilson Lin, Mr, Voy Media, New York, NY
Aiden Davis, Sales/hobbyist, Pets in the Park, Butler, PA
Alicia McClune, VP of Operations & HR, That Fish Place, Lancaster, PA
Chris Gomes, COO, Ruh Ro’s Pet Shoppe, Conshohocken, PA
Chrisi Amour, Owner, That Fish Place-That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Dave Acland, Executive Manager, That Fish Place/That Pet Place, LANCASTER, PA
Dale Kreider, Controller, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Eric Dickey, Mr., Pittsburgh, PA
Eric Zeigler, President, Zeiglers Distributor, INC, LEBANON, PA
Fawn McCloskey, Manager/Sales, Pets in the Park, West Sunbury, PA
Heather Miller, Office Manager That Fish Place – That pet Place, Lancaster, PA
JOEL OVALLE, Store Owner, Exotic Fish & Pets LLC, Reading, PA
Johnny Thompson, Owner, Petfection, Exotic Pet Specialist, Tannersville, PA
Joshua Kim, Hobbiest and Technician, Aquatic Start, Haverton, PA
Kevin Marron, Warehouse manager, That Fish Place/That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Laura Moore, Head Manager, Pets in the Park, Butler, PA
Linda VanGuilder, Manager, JSK’S FISH & MORE, Cresson, PA
Lorraine Sutton, Manager/Hobbyist, Pets in the Park, Butler, PA
Matt Riggleman, Marketing Director, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Monique Thompson, Owner, Petfection, Tannersville, PA
Richard Amour, President, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Theresa Price, Owner, Pets in the Park, Butler, PA
Thomas Herron, Owner, Fins Feathers Paws & Claws, Harleysville, PA
Scott Wilkes, Owner, The Pet Shop, Whitehall, PA
Shawn Young, Owner, JSK’S FISH & MORE, Cresson, PA
Stacy Davis, Purchasing director, that fish place that pet place, Lancaster, PA
William Davis, CEO, D.A.W. Pets LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
Adam Heroux, President, A’s Aquatics & Pet Store, North Kingstown, RI
Adam Kyle, Dragon supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Amber Gotthardt, Supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Amber Hamby, animal care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Amy Mack, COO, Reptiles By Mack, XENIA, OH
Andrew Nelson, Director of Training, Petland Inc., Chillicothe, OH
Andrew Subotnik, Owner, Zoogari Pets, Norton, OH
Ashley, Thieman, Mrs, Petland Beavercreek – employee, Fairborn, OH
Bill Wymard, Director of Operations, Aquarium Adventure, Hilliard, OH
Charles Volle, Retired Biologist, Creative Juices, Cincinnati, OH
Clayton Girdler, Mr., Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OH
Dawn Rettig, Owner, Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OH
Drew Malesko, Animal Care Tech, Reptiles By Mack, Xenia, OH
Dwight Burk, President, Burk Family Enterprises, Chesapeake, OH
Elizabeth Kunzelman, Vice President of Legislative and Public Affairs, Petland, Chillicothe, OH
Emilee Brewer, Warehouse Lead, Reptiles By Mack, Beavercreek, OH
Emily Ellsworth, Owner, Pure Pet LLC, Salem, OH
Jacqueline Neff, Vice President, Neffspets Inc DBA Petland, Hillsboro, OH
James Brown, Director of Marketing, Petland, Inc., Chillicothe, OH
Jennifer Fugate, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mac, Xenia, OH
Jessica Hilliard, shipping team lead, Reptiles By Mack, Mason, OH
Jim Bright, Owner The Reptile pit llc, Hamilton, OH
Jim Gintner, CEO & Founder, Eye Catching Coral, Vienna, OH
Joe Watson, President, Petland USA, Chillicothe, OH
John Mack III, CEO, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
John Mack, Production, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Julie Malesko, Human Resources, Reptiles by Mack, Kettering, OH
Keith Ellsworth, Store Owner, Pure Pet LLC, Salem, OH
Kim Stout, President, Coastal Pet Products, Alliance, OH
Mark Broge, Hobbyist, Cincinnati, OH
Mark George, President, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OH
Megan Farnham, Accounting Supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OH
Melissa McMeans, Miss, Reptiles by Mack, Huber Heights, OH
Mercedes Gordon, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Huber Heights, OH
MICHAEL BROWN, veterinarian, Michael G Brown DVM, Dayton, OH
MIKELA SHARP, Ms. Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OH
Morgan Moore, Team Member, Reptiles by Mack, West Carrollton, OH
Nancy Vithous, Owner, Pet Stop Inc, Ashland, OH
Nathan Meadows, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mac, Xenia, OH
Richard Stevenson, Owner, Madhouse Serpents and Supplies LLC, Huber Heights, OH
Taylor Dice, Animal Care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Taylor Dooley, Inventory, Petland, Heath, OH
Tesla WINKLER, Owner, Tesla’s Geckos etc LLC, Chesapeake, OH
Tim Brooks, animal tech, Reptiles by Mack, Centerville, OH
Travis Heick, Pet care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Fairborn, OH
Sarah Root, Animal care technician, Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OH
Savannah Bray, Ms. Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OH
Seirra Dilldine, Team lead, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OH
Shavon Sweet, Animal care tech, RBM, Xenia, OH
Stephanie Mossburg, Animal Care Technician, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OH
Stephanie Sheridan, Miss, Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OH
Steve Huggins, VP of Business Development & International Relations, Petland Inc., Chillicothe, OH
Amber Hudson, Owner, The Aquarium Pet Store, Weatherford, OK
Artie Puckett, owner, Ok Birds, LLC, Newcastle, OK
ElmerI Bellman, Owner, B&E PETS, Park Hill, OK
Janet Donnelly, Owner, Wyndham Kennels, Inola, OK
Cameron Johnson, Mr., N/A, Lake Oswego, OR
Noah Criswell, NW Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Lake Oswego, OR
Richard Bjugan, Owner, a to z pets, Portland, OR
Rod McDougall, Owner, Wild West Pets, Pendleton, OR
David DeShaw, Owner, Petland, Pawley’s Island, SC
Eric McBeth, Business owner, LowCountry Exotics LLC, Bluffton SC
Robert Mills, owner, The Spoiled Pet, MYRTLE BEACH, SC
Amanda Kiviniemi, Ms., Animal City, Shelbyville, TN
Christopher Ooms, Manager, Franklin Aquarium Pet Shop, Columbia, TN
David Bravo, General Manager, Petland, Murfreesboro, TN
Jeremiah Clackum, Mr. Small scale gecko breeder, Oak Ridge, TN
Jessica Pappas, owner, none, Dandridge, TN
Kathryn Chapman, Katie’s Critters pet spa & shop, Sevierville, TN
Kevin Human, Owner, Ricki’s Pet Depot, Farragut, TN
Lillie Mullins, Ms. Small scale gecko breeder, Oak Ridge, TN
Lisa Berkel, Owner, Smoky daydreams, Del Rio, TN
Nancy Wey, National Sales Director, Aquarium Life Support Systems, Knoxville, TN
Sasha Hinson, Manager, Franklin Aquarium Pet Shop, Columbia, TN
Scott Roe Mr. Scott LaserWorks Hendersonville TN
Tama Ooms, Owner, Franklin Aquarium, Columbia, TN
Alix Murillo, Demand Analyst, Petco, San Antonio, TX
Arti Patel, Self-employed, Petjay Inc. DBA Petland, Frisco, TX
Blake Grossman , Manager, Red crest pet shop, Boerne, TX
Charles Hendricks, Mr, Self, Dallas, TX
Doug Mazyn, Self, Cypress, TX
Edmundo Murillo, Lancer Worldwide, San Antonio, TX
Gerald Beathard, Owner, 3rd Coast Ball Pythons, Livingston, TX
James Durden, Owner, JBR ALL PETS, LLC, Brittany’s Pet Depot, Katy, TX
JAMES PATTON, CEO, Rivers and Reefs Pet Center, Inc., Austin, TX
Jamie Whittaker, Owner, ABC Birds, Humble, TX
Jayesh Patel, self-employed, Petjay Inc. DBA Petland, Frisco, TX
Jennifer Schwerdtfeger, Marfa, TX
John Barron-Ethridge, President Pet City, Houston, TX
Keaton White, Manager, Petland Frisco, Aubrey, TX
Leticia Gonzales Rodriguez, Owner, Papa Jim’s Tropical Fish, San Antonio, TX
Matt Dieterle, President, Whole Pets Market, LLC, Dripping Springs, TX
Pennie Shelton, President, S & S Exotic Animals, Inc., Houston, TX
Peyton Turk, Owner, Red Crest Pet Shop, Boerne, TX
SUZETTE STIDOM, Owner, S & S Exotic Animals, Inc., HOUSTON, TX
Terry Brown, Pet person, Coral seller, Nacogdoches, TX
David Salinas, Mr, The Puppy Store, Saint George, UT
Jon Goalen, Partner/Owner, J’s Jungle, North Logan, UT
Ruth Goalen, Pet store owner, Js Jungle, Logan, UT
Arthur Davenport, Pet Owner, CHESAPEAKE, VA
Cooper Jessup, Mr., US Government Employee, Fairfax, VA
David Foley, President, Pet WORLD Ltd, Newport News, VA
Michael Barber, Mr., Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, Merrifield, VA
Robert Cook, CEO, Pinogy Corporation, Leesburg, VA
Tristan Troyer, General Manager, Nova Tropicals LLC, Woodbridge, VA
David, Chann, Business Owner, Reptiles Pavilion, Auburn, WA
David Dempsey, Owner Novatropicals Woodbridge, VA
Rama Sabbakhan, President, Skoolz of Fish, Mechanicsville, VA
Shane Glass, Reptile Department Manager, Pet & Aquatic Warehouse, Lynchburg, VA
Daniel Blake, Member, One Stop Country Pet Supply, Brattleboro, VT
Alex Orleans, President, Northwest Zoological, Everett, WA
Jonas Sternberg, Manager, Sierra Fish & Pets, Renton, WA
Rebecca Smith, Owner, The Pet Works Inc. Longview, WA
Tim King, Breeder, Personal, Olympia, WA
Adam Berger, Owner, Petland Racine, RACINE, WI
Amber Krouze, Ms., SimpliFee Realty, Rhinelander, WI
Beth Winters, Mrs. Northwoods pets, Rhinelander, WI
Carol Sorenson, Mrs. Pets, Laona, WI
Jennifer Marshall, Owner, Northwoods Pets, Rhinelander, WI
Jim Reiman, Owner member, Tropicwaterspetcenter, Eau Claire, WI
John Moyles III, Director, J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue, Menasha, WI
Kevin Kohen, Director, Petco Health and Wellness, Rhinelander, WI
Laurie Rutkowski, Homeowner, None, Rhinelander, WI
Nick Williams, Demand Analyst, Petco Health and Wellness, San Diego, WI
Raelene Wundrow, Mrs., Retired Neenah, WI
Sharon Stecher, Employee, Aquarium Pet Shop and Grooming, Arkdale, WI
Shawna Schneider, Groomer, Off the grid grooming, Rhinelander, WI
Stuart Marshall, Co-owner, Northwoods Pets, Rhinelander, WI
Todd Hanson, Manager, Pet World Warehouse Outlet, Madison, WI
Tracy Monk, Mrs., None, Rhinelander, WI
Emily Sanders, Owner, Exotic jungle pet superstore, Morgantown, WV
Kim Glasscock, 0wner, Kimz Pet Express, PRINCETON, WV
Andrew Jenkinson, Owner, Little Snake Den, Gillette, WY