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    Pet Store Worker Uses Tiktok In An Effort To Remove Stigma

    Spectrum News NY 1 – Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, said small pet store owners build their business around establishing connections with customers. Once they sell someone a pet, that customer is likely to come back to buy food and other supplies, sicne these small stores have a harder time competing with box stores when it comes to price. Learn More

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    Legislators Consider Proposal To End Pet Sales In Stores…

    Spectrum News NY 1 – Mike Bober, CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a trade group that represents retailers like pet stores, says the issue is one that should be addressed on the federal level. The group maintains that, at the state level, the legislation will actually be more hurtful than helpful. Learn More

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    Veterinarians Doubt Study Linking Dog Walking To COVID-19

    Researchers in Spain made headlines this week with a study concluding that dog walking raises the risk of contracting COVID-19 by 78%, giving rise to speculation that dogs might touch contaminated surfaces in public and bring the virus home. Read the article here. Learn More

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    Collaborative Advocacy Push Gives Pets A Much-Needed…

    An industry coalition came together quickly to ensure America’s pets had uninterrupted access to food and supplies to survive an unprecedented global crisis. Learn More

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    Now That We’re In The Yellow Phase, Can I Get My Dog…

    The Philadelphia Inquirer – …”There is misconception that grooming is basically haircuts for dogs,” said Mike Bober, president and CEO of Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. “The reality is that grooming is much closer to a health service for pets.” Learn More

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    2 Cats Have Coronavirus In New York — Becoming The First… – … The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council echoed that sentiment in a statement Wednesday. “It is important that the public remain confident in the USDA and CDC guidance that there continues to be no evidence that pets play a role in spreading the virus in the United States… Learn More

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