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    USDA Reposts Animal Welfare Records It Purged From Its Website In 2017

    The Washington Post – On Tuesday, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council echoed that. “This is a positive move toward restoring transparency that will allow the regulated individuals and facilities to demonstrate that they are responsible and accountable animal caretakers,” president and CEO Mike Bober said. “We are concerned, however, that the database was restored… Learn More

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    Animal Rights Groups, Lawmakers Target Pet Store Sales Of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

    The Buffalo News – “We believe people who bring up these bills do so for a noble reason. We don’t beleive they want to put New Yorkers out of business or jobs. But hte bill doesn’t address the breeding issues they claim to,” said Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a… Learn More

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    Emergency: Protect Animals

    We are sharing information about a change to Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations that may impact your business operations as they relate to caring for animals during emergencies. The revisions will better ensure that entities responsible for animals regulated under the Animal Welfare Act are prepared to safeguard the health and welfare of such animals in the event of possible emergencies or… Learn More

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