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  • Press Release.

    Pet Advocacy Network Condemns New York Pet Store Sales Ban

    Statement from Pet Advocacy Network President and CEO Mike Bober: “By signing S.1130/A.4283 into law today, New York Governor Hochul has destroyed the livelihoods of law-abiding small business owners and removed longstanding legal protections for animals and for families who adopt puppies, kittens and rabbits. Eliminating the state’s most highly regulated and inspected pet source—the… Learn More

  • Child holding pet guinea pig

    Pet Advocacy Network Urges New York City Council to Reject Pet Store Guinea Pig Sales Ban

    Statement from Pet Advocacy Network President and CEO Mike Bober:  “The responsible pet care community calls on the New York City Council to reject Int. No. 4, a proposed ordinance to ban the sale of guinea pigs in pet stores. This ban is a delayed and unnecessary reaction to an increase in guinea pig intakes… Learn More

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    Associations Thrive – Interview with Mike Bober

    Listen in as our President and CEO, Mike Bober, sits down with host Joanna Pineda of the Associations Thrive podcast. In this episode Mike introduces the Pet Advocacy Network (formerly PIJAC), shares his journey to becoming President and CEO, and then shares how Pet Advocacy is thriving. Listen now on all podcast platforms. Learn More

  • Pet Advocacy Network Names New Senior Director of Government Affairs 

    Alexandria, VA – November 10, 2022 – The Pet Advocacy Network, the advocacy voice of the responsible pet care community, welcomes Alyssa Miller-Hurley as the new senior director of government affairs. Miller has over a decade of experience in government relations and managing campaigns. To further the Network’s advocacy and policy objectives, she will manage… Learn More

  • Pet Advocacy Network Refutes Negative Depiction of Global Aquarium Trade by Associated Press 

    Statement from Executive Vice President Bob Likins:   “The Pet Advocacy Network, on behalf of the responsible aquarium industry, disputes the inaccurate picture the October 19 Associated Press story ‘Sparkling Fish, Murky Methods’ paints of the global aquarium trade.     First, responsible aquarium collectors stopped using cyanide in fish collection decades ago and the industry continues to… Learn More

  • In-Person Pet Care Community D.C. Fly-In a Huge Success

    On September 21 nearly 100 pet professionals came to Capitol Hill for the Pet Advocacy Network’s Fifth Annual Pet Care Community D.C. Fly-In—about 30% more than last year’s virtual fly-in participants. Participants traveled from throughout the country to advocate for the value of pets to Members of Congress and their staff. The day began with… Learn More

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